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Characteristics of the perfect link building company


In your quest to find the perfect link building company, you need to tread carefully. Several companies in the market today may claim to be your ideal choice as they call themselves the perfect link building company. But should you believe them all? The answer is no. Take such proclamations with a pinch of salt and judge them on certain parameters to screen them and short-list a few. But remember, it’s not child’s play.

You’ll need a strategy in place, know the right questions to ask, poke at the correct points to get the answers, in case the company seems to elude your questions and do a little more. And that’s where knowing the key characteristics of the perfect company capable of handling your link building project can help. Here’s a list of these characteristics to help you find the perfect link building experts who will build quality links to attract traffic and leads your way. So let’s move ahead to get started with the task of finding the ideal link building professionals.  

1.  Have a link building strategy

Diving right ahead into the task could sound interesting but when it’s about link building, you need to have a well-planned strategy in place and certain goals to accomplish to make the most of your effort. The Perfect Link Building Company USA would always begin with a solid strategy in place. To do this, they’ll talk to you to understand the goals you want to achieve with link building.

Additionally, they will take a closer look at your website and dig deeper to find the linkable assets, if you’ve got any, which are live on your site at present. Linkable assets could be your blog posts, infographics, checklists, free/downloadable guides, case studies, giveaways, templates, industry statistics or reports, interactive content, etc. Your chosen link building experts will also identify potential content pieces that could be either created from scratch or crafted by updating and elaborating present content to help you earn links from authority and reputed sites. 

Experts adept in handling perfect link building campaigns would check your website’s layout and suggest tweaks, if they find it necessary, to help you get high-quality links. Researching the competition to find what they are doing to earn links is another crucial aspect they will focus upon. To plan for your long-term link building success, they will also look for areas of opportunity that are hitherto unexplored by you or are not utilized optimally.

2.  Offer a comprehensive range of services

The perfect link building campaign is not just about getting links. It involves a lot of other tasks too, each of which requires a specific set of skills. From competitive keyword research, creation of a keyword map, and Backlinking Services USA audit to SEO (including local search, technical SEO, etc.), content creation, content marketing, and link building, among others, a lot of aspects are linked to one another. Rather than looking for experts capable of handling each of these aspects, hiring a company that offers comprehensive services like these along with link building would be wiser. This way, all that getting high-quality links would require can be done by the same team, under the same roof.

If you are not sure how this would help, consider a scenario. Say, your link building company offers content creation and marketing services. Thus, to create link-worthy assets for you such as blogs, e-books, whitepapers, and more, it can depend on its in-house content creators. Since the company will also know how to market your content and find collaboration opportunities with other content creators who can give you a backlink, they will handle those tasks too. This way, they will not only ensure consistent creation of link-worthy assets but even help you get backlinks from relevant sites.

3.  Use different tools

Link building is not a stroll in the park even though the perfect link building company may make it seem so. Though the task is difficult, there are several tools to make the job easier. The perfect company is likely to use a diverse set of tools to enhance the success rate of your link building campaigns.

Some of these tools are free while others would require payment. Those who plan to handle their link building tasks in-house may often lack the deep pockets that are necessary to get some of these paid tools. But with a reliable link building company that offers its services at competitive rates, you can take advantage of these tools.

Experts at the perfect link building firm won’t shy away from talking about the tools they use. Some of these could be Google Analytics, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, and BuzzStream, to name a few. Depending on your link building needs, not all these tools may be essential. However, the more tools your perfect link building company has at its disposal, the better positioned it would be to build high-quality links for you much quicker than your competition. Additionally, the use of multiple tools would ensure your link profile is diverse to help you get the optimum benefits.

4.  Prompt communication and transparency

The perfect link building company would have open communication channels to address your doubts, questions, and issues, as and when they arise, quickly. Additionally, they will keep you in the loop about the progress of the task and what they are doing.  They are likely to assign you a link building manager, who will streamline the different processes involved with link building and direct and drive the tasks to their fruitful completion. From letting you track your project’s progress to the timelines set for each stage, accuracy of billing, and more, perfect link building experts would maintain complete transparency.

Thus, you won’t have to worry about how far your link building project has been completed or where your money has gone as you will always have a clear picture of the work in progress. If at any time, you don’t like the pace of work, have questions about the techniques used, or need your concerns addressed, you can rest assured of them being resolved fast. The perfect link building company would take the responsibility of governing your link building deliverables on time and assure you of the desired results that it has promised at the start of the project.

5.  Act as your partner

The perfect link building company would consider itself as a partner to your brand. This means rather than stopping at just building links for you, it would go a step further, suggest ways to create and improve your linkable assets, enhance your SEO, how best to approach collaborators to get backlinks, etc. Thus, it would act proactively as an extended arm of your in-house team. Companies that want to offer you long-term benefits and look for a fruitful relationship will take time to ask questions and even brainstorm together to understand your business’s needs and goals and how well it can help you achieve them with your link building campaigns.

Moreover, it will consider your present and prospective audience’s goals and needs as well to ensure your link building efforts are in line with them. When you work with the experts, you’ll find how flexible they are and how well they can modify their approach to bring you the desired results based on the metrics that line up with your goals.

When looking for the perfect link building company, make sure to focus on these mentioned characteristics to make a wise choice.