MilesWeb Review – High-Performing Dedicated Hosting

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Growing your online presence is easy when you opt for the right hosting services. When you have a business, when it grows, you fall short of resources. Then you start finding options that will grow with your business.

Dedicated hosting is one such platform that provides you with the ultimate resources, power, and security that you need for your websites/applications.

It is the best solution to host your high-demanding website/application. When a complete server is dedicated to a single website, it is known as dedicated hosting.

With dedicated hosting, you get full server control allowing you to install the applications of your choice and modify the server according to your needs. The other website performance or traffic doesn’t affect yours and, you get superior performance for your heavy website/application.

MilesWeb is one hosting provider in the industry that offers one of the best and cheapest dedicated hosting.

They have been in the hosting industry for nine years known for delivering the best-in-class services to customers globally.

Throughout this article, I will be talking about their dedicated hosting plans, pricing, and the feature-rich services they provide.

A Word About MilesWeb

MilesWeb is a trusted name in the hosting industry. They offer web hosting and domain registration services to customers. MilesWeb’s services include shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and cheap Linux reseller hosting. MilesWeb has gained a lot of trust from its customers and has thousands of positive reviews on well-known review platforms like HostAdvice, Host review. You can count on MilesWeb for any of your hosting requirements.

What Do You Mean by a Bare Metal Server?

  • A bare-metal server is a physical server devoted to a single tenant, which means no sharing with users.
  • At the component level, you get complete access to your hardware and machine.
  • A bare-metal server provides an isolated environment.
  • It is a little costly because you are getting an entire physical server.

Dedicated Server is Suitable for Whom?

High-Traffic Websites

A dedicated server is suitable for handling massive traffic on websites. It is also a good option for gaming and high-end applications. A dedicated server gives your website the ultimate power, reliability to run speedily without any hitch.

Large E-commerce Websites

If you have an E-commerce site, you cannot bear a single minute of downtime as it will affect your potential sales. A dedicated server ensures that your online store can handle the highest amount of traffic and, your site will be up rolling 24/7.

Why Get a Dedicated Server from MilesWeb?

Host unlimited Websites

MilesWeb does not impose any restrictions on the number of websites that you want to host. Also, they give you the freedom to migrate all your website if they are on a shared hosting reseller hosting and VPS hosting to a dedicated server.

Guaranteed High Performance

When you decide to opt for dedicated server hosting, there is no sharing of server resources. Meaning that is traffic spikes on the other website will have no impact on your website. Your website will run at the same speed it was running before or may be better.


A bare-metal server is very reliable for your heavy web application or website as there is no sharing of server resources with other tenants on the server.

100% Dedicated Resources

The finest benefit of dedicated hosting is you get an isolated environment. When you have an isolated environment, also you get 100% dedicated resources with it.

SSH Root Access

Linux dedicated server hosting plan of MilesWeb gives you full root access. With this, you have complete control and choice of installing the web applications that you want to on the server.

Free setup

MilesWeb does not take any hidden charges or setup costs. If you want to server, you can do it anytime. They give you the flexibility to cancel the server anytime. Also, you don’t have to pay cancellation charges.


You get a very high level of security and privacy with a dedicated server. When you are getting an isolated environment, meaning there is no concern about security threats and breaches. Your website or application will be highly secured when you opt for dedicated hosting.


You get to run custom applications on your server with a custom environment. You don’t have to give another thought to the running of heavy web applications or websites. They run very smoothly without any difficulty.

Full Server Control

You get full server control and ample flexibility with MilesWeb’s customizable dedicated server hosting. Also, you get to modify the server configurations and install web applications that you want to. MilesWeb’s allows you to host multiple websites on a single dedicated server.

The clients get full root SSH and RDP access where they get total control over the complete dedicated server. You can access the server anytime from anywhere.

Prominent Features of MilesWeb’s Dedicated Hosting

Below are the prominent features of MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting.

  • Hardware RAID
  • Robust Network
  • Premium Bandwidth
  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Private VLAN Subnets
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Dedicated Hosting Plans by MilesWeb

These features make MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting the best one for all websites.

MilesWeb has sixteen dedicated hosting plans. Check out their dedicated hosting plans in the below image.


MilesWeb offers the best dedicated hosting for your high-end website/application. With its dedicated hosting service, MilesWeb promises a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Sign-up for MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting plans and take your business to the next level.